About the Symposium

Dear Colleagues,
The Quran is the last holy writ of divine revelation sent down to humanity. Hadith and sunnah are the reflection of this divine revelation to life. Therefore, these are two main sources that shaped the idea of existence of Islamic Civilization. Since Prophet Muhammad's way of life was reflected in his life through his words and practices, it is extremely natural that hadith and sunnah are perceived and interpreted differently according to the necessities of the time. Various ideas on hadith and sunnah have emerged from past to present. As a reflection of this, enormous hadith corpus is the greatest witness to this. All studies to keep up Prophet Muhammad's way of life with the times are the most important part of this effort. The effort basically consists of trying to find Nabawî (prophetic) solutions to humanity's problems. Correspondingly, it is of vital importance to understand and actualize the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, who is üsve-i hasene (the best example). In this sence, Babanzâde Ahmed Naim made an important contribution to this effort with his al-Tajrid al-Sarih translation and Muqaddimah on hadith methodology. Additionally, he is, as a versatile intellectual, a personality who reflected his experience in different fields and became distinguished in these works. The symposium organizing committee aims to make a program related to current issues on hadith and Babanzâde's scientific personality that will bring hadith and sunnah to today. For this reason, we care about the contributions of all scientists who have different approaches and ideas on these two headings.

The Symposium Organizing Committee